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Miella Day Was Celebrated Colourfully -27Nov'10


"Miella" is a small village in "Matara" district of "Sri-Lanka".

 We proud of our birthplace or it hangs around our necks.

 A hometown, no, my hometown as it is said with a proprietary air, is a place storied in literature and history as that one certain place that is familiar, unpressured, and welcoming. That place that knew you when. That place where someone knew your parents, your grandparents, connections that somehow validate your existence.

That place where you were born and as you age that place above all others where it seems appropriate that you will die. In my case, it seems very likely that I am willing to die in the same place where I was born, and instead of being a thought that makes you shiver, it seems right, appropriate, just the way it should be.

A hometown accepts you when you enter the world, and will mark your passage when you leave, and someone will know that you have been here.

What more can we expect?


-By Miella'an


மீயல்லை(யர்) பொன்னாடை அணிந்த “மீயல்லை நாள்”-27Nov2010
வரலாற்றுக்கு ஒரு ஏடு ஏறுகிறது-சிலையில் செதுக்கிய எழுத்தாய் என்றென்றும் ஊரார் அனைவரது மனதிலும் நிரந்தரமாய் பதிகிறது- “மீயல்லை நாள்

There are no doubts among the believers, the day 27th November witnessed to all Muslims and the non Muslims the direct Rahmath of Allah Blessed on Miella. May Allah forgive all of us! Aameen!

 First of all we must thank the Almighty Allah for his kindness and the blessing.

We all must salute to the Award winner of Best Historical Writer Al-Hajj A.C.M. Musthapha for his timely contribution and dedication.

We must keep in mind the Miellance who are living out of Miella participated with real loyal sprit.

And also we must thank the teachers, students, and parents for their dedication.

Our Heartiest Tribute to the People of Miella and the Old boys of Miella.

We hope all of them are partner of the success of the day of Miella.

We accepted those wishes and contributions of all who are living abroad, Colombo, Matara, Walasmulla etc.

As the main actor, there is no scale to measure the success of our own event ourselves, but the observant can. We welcome your comments!



வருடாந்த புறுதாக் கந்தூரி மிகவும் சிறப்பாக நடைபெற்றது

கௌரவத்துக்குரிய. ஸலீம் மத்திச்சம் தம்பதிகளின் மீயல்லைப் புதல்வன் ஷேக் இஹ்ஸான் (ரஷாதி) இன் ஆக்கங்கள் பல மொழிகளிளும்